Placenta Encapsulation

Although current scientific research as not been done to validate the benefits of consuming the placenta after birth, Nature has been in on this secret both in the animal queendom and women in centuries past. The placenta contains both oxytocin also known as "the love hormone," as well as estrogen.  These hormones allow for a more natural transition through the fourth trimester or immediate postpartum period. I believe in the potential revitalization of the postpartum body through not only nutritious foods but placenta ingestion. This has been supported by anecdotal experiences that women have shared with me.  

Reported benefits include:

● Increased breastmilk production

● Prevention and alleviation of postpartum depression

● Improved mood and energy

● Faster tissue healing from both vaginal and cesarean birth

● Helps the uterus return to normal size

● Replenishes iron stores and alleviates anemia

● Stimulates endorphin production, reducing pain and improving overall wellbeing

There are two ways in which I prepare the placenta to be encapsulated:  The Raw Method (most commonly used), or the Traditional Chinese Method.  The Raw Method is a simple dehydration process.  With the Traditional Chinese Method, I steam the placenta with organic warming herbs prior to the dehydration process.  Tinctures available upon request.  

Used with Permission 

Before encapsulation, I also create an 11"x17" print of your placenta.  It is a lasting image of the incredible organ that helped sustain your baby's life.  It is also an enduring reminder of physical connection between you and your baby.